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“Theater and Academy Mada” is a comprehensive space for lovers of art and culture, where we provide opportunities for hosting various cultural and artistic seminars and events. We offer lessons in a variety of arts based on advanced academic curricula, designed to transform emerging talents into creative professional energies.

Professor Sleiman Zeidan, holding a Bachelor’s degree in “Theater, Cinema, and Television Arts” from the Lebanese University – Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture – laid the foundation for this project in 2011, under the name “Z-Art – Zone” in the Hamra area, the capital Beirut. It evolved into “Academy and Theater” in the Forn El Chebbak area in 2016, where it hosted numerous shows, workshops, and other artistic and cultural activities, becoming an integral part of Beirut’s cultural scene.

This project, which will later be named “Theater and Academy Mada,” will establish a central hub in the Dekwaneh area adjacent to the capital Beirut.