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Acting classes

Join Mada Theater’s dynamic acting class and dive into a world of skill refinement through practical exercises and scene work. Receive tailored feedback and guidance to elevate your performance abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned actor, explore the depths of character portrayal and storytelling in a supportive environment. Unleash your potential and captivate audiences with the art of acting at Mada Theater.

adults Acting Class

6 weeks course

For adults, our specialized acting classes serve as a platform to delve into Stanislavski’s teaching methodologies, enabling participants to hone their skills and delve deep into the art of character portrayal.

Kids Acting class

4 weeks course

Discover the joy of performance in our children’s acting classes, tailored to spark creativity and confidence in young talents.


potential opportunities

By engaging in this activity, Mada Theater extends to its students the invaluable opportunity to present their theatrical productions in the presence of their families. Additionally, they may find themselves presented with avenues for professional growth, as they could potentially secure roles in various TV series, films, and theatrical productions facilitated through partnerships with production companies that liaise with us.